buy generic Premarin Plans are underway for the 2017-2018 Mexico Mission.  Contact Joy Warner for more information.

In 2009, Central Presbyterian and Southminster Presbyterian churches agreed to a joint mission partnership to install a Living Waters for the World water purification at the Berea Bible Institute in Palenque. The installation trip occurred in the fall of 2010. Consultation trips were made to Berea in 2011 and in March of 2013 to insure that the system continued to function well. Replacement filters and other parts for the system were delivered and installed as needed. In February of 2013, Pastor Franklin shared with the group his plan to renovate the kitchen and dining hall on the campus. After discussion in both churches, funding and a trip to accomplish the project was approved.

The Berea community had installed a large concrete cistern since our last visit. They had dug a long narrow trench to the kitchen area. The purpose of the cistern was to store water when it was available from the city, which only happens two days a week. The community had run out of water on several occasions before it was available from the city again. The cistern is intended to address this issue. Our team helped connect the water tubes to the outflow of the cistern and run it in the trench down to the kitchen and dormitory areas. This water will be used for cleaning and bathing, not for drinking and cooking.

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