The Southminster Endowment Fund is composed of gifts and bequests given by members and friends of Southminster Presbyterian Church. A gift to the Fund keeps on giving, because the investment returns magnify the impact of the original gift. The Fund provides a solid financial base for Southminster’s future.

Currently there are six components of the Endowment Fund – Mission, Music Ministry, Church Facilities, Christian Education, Columbarium and the General Endowment. Each year a portion of the Fund’s earnings are allocated for each of these purposes while maintaining the value of the original gifts, adjusted for inflation. In this way, the Fund contributes each year to the life of the church in a manner over and above the annual budget.

The assets of the Endowment Fund have been merged into a common investment pool and are professionally managed to achieve a total return that strives to cover both spending and inflation. To achieve this goal the funds are invested in an asset mix of high quality mutual funds approximating 30% bonds, 65% stocks and 5% cash to provide both diversification and long-term growth.

In 2016 the Southminster Presbyterian Church Legacy Society was created. It is composed of all individuals pledging a planned gift to our endowment ministry. The Society will normally meet annually for social as well as educational functions.

A sampling of projects funded by the Southminster Endowment Fund:

Mission – primarily local mission – over $100,000
DVD duplication machine
New playground surface
Concert series – Stan Kessler, Angela Hagenbach, Joe Cartwright ….
Paul Mesner Puppets
Air Conditioner replacement
Website video
Interest free scholarship loans

Please contact Mark Jorgenson,, if you are interested in becoming a Legacy Society member or if you have any questions about the Endowment Fund.