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Jesus Gave Me Water – August 17, 2014

This Sunday the role of gospel music centers us in worship.  We will sing some of the beloved  spirituals from our hymnal and a special a capella presentation of Jesus Gave Me Water, written  by Sam Cooke and featuring Joe Athon on vocals.

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On this morning we will celebrate the spirituality of jazz…as we move from the Transfiguration  of Christ on the mountain to the joy of the Risen Lord.  The centerpiece of this service are two  jazz anthems written by Geoffrey Wilcken and sung by members of our chancel choir.

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Fantasy and Fugue – July 27, 2014

On this morning we will let the sublime and powerful Casavant organ proclaim the Word  as we consider the passion of our Lord through readings from scripture and the lens of  J.S. Bach’s magnificent Fantasy and Fugue in G Minor.

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Hymnody – July 20, 2014

We will focus on the vital role that hymnody has played in proclaiming the Word and teaching the faith.  This service will resemble a “lessons and carols” service…moving us through the liturgical seasons and telling the gospel story.  In addition the Bells of Peace will be playing in our worship service.

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