Music holds a special place at Southminster. We celebrate God’s Word through music. We pray through music. We celebrate lives and life events with music. We center much of our fellowship around music. If you are a musician or are moved by others’ amazing gifts, you can find a place for your musical soul at Southminster.

Adults and young people who play an instrument find many opportunities for ministry at Southminster Presbyterian Church. Throughout the year, ensembles of varying sizes are formed to provide music for special occasions, worship services, and two major works in conjunction with Christmas and Easter.

Music in Worship

choir bwThe hymns of the congregation, the incidental and voluntary music of the organ, special anthems of the choir, the handbells, instrumentalists or special guests are all chosen to work together with the preaching of God’s word– to bring both the comfort and the challenge of Christ to those who hear. There is never merely entertainment; there is always a message, a purpose, and a mission for the body of Christ to engage this world in all the ways we can, led by the author and perfector of our faith, Christ Jesus. Our congregation is blessed with the presence of many fine musicians, professional as well as amateur– but our band is a merry one, and there is always room for new voices and new people!

Music in the Community

The Southminster Concert Series sponsors several musical events throughout each year, free of charge and open to all, bringing a wide variety of fine music to the community and building connections between people. Whether it is a performance on our 36-rank Casavant Frères organ, a professional chamber ensemble, a visit from some of the many fine jazz performers in the Kansas City area, or a presentation by the Southminster choir and chamber orchestra, Southminster church continues a tradition of providing wonderful music in our acoustically excellent sanctuary.